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Welcome to Magic Corn

Magic Corn UK Ltd is the franchisee company of Magic Corn in the UK. The mother company was first opened in Malaysia in 1988 and has since developed immensely across the globe introducing its product to many different parts of the world. Magic Corn UK Ltd is trading successfully in the UK since 2006. We are proud to state that we are the sole distributors of this healthy and nutritious product in the UK & Ireland. Recognizing healthy food has been key issue in developing the UK food market over the last few years. Our aim is to set up kiosks all over shopping centres, theatres, cinemas and theme attraction parks in the UK & Ireland. The corn for Magic Corn is exclusively grown in our own corn fields in Malaysia and the premium quality corn kernels are specially selected for magic corn from the quality control department. Our company has been steadily growing throughout the current business environment which shows the quality and the potential of the business. Our experience in the sweet corn business is second to none.

Why Magic Corn?

What makes us different is the quality of our products. Anyone can come up with a stall or a kiosk and start selling sweet corn (Many people have tried to copy the concept) but when it comes to providing the premium quality sweet corn there is only one name and that is Magic Corn.

Warehouse and Logistics

When it comes to storage and logistics, we have our warehouse for dry goods storage and our sweet corn is stored in a temperature controlled storage. Our sweet corn is delivered in our very own temperature controlled vehicle.

Join Us

When you join the company you will be given full training on one of our current locations where we will explain all the operational procedures to you. You will also be given advice on the importance of health and safety and food hygiene/food safety.

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