Magic corn


Magic Corn is a new way to enjoy the goodness of sweet corn in a cup instead of consuming it from corncobs. Magic corn is Premium quality sweet corn imported from Malaysia. The corn for Magic Corn is exclusively grown in corn fields in Malaysia and the premium quality corn kernels are specially selected for magic corn from the quality control department.


Magic corn is freshly steam cooked sweet corn served in a cup with a spoon and a choice of different flavours. We offer a variety of unique flavours such as Mexican chilli, Cheese, Sour cream & Onion, Jalapeno, BBQ , Curry etc.


Although the quality of Magic corn is high enough for our customers to keep coming back for more it is the combination of our unique flavours that makes it even more delicious and mouth watering.


Magic corn retains a level of crunchiness and juiciness that is unsurpassed that’s because we’ve developed a unique method of extracting whole kernels of corn from the cob to seal in the natural goodness as opposed to the faster method of simply cutting the kernels from the cob. We use only organic fertilizers and Hand peel each kernel. No preservatives are added keeping it 100% natural.  We want you to taste only the corn and nothing else but the corn after all Tasting is believing.


We are proud to have certification from FDA United States of America, HACCP Accreditation and furthermore are approved by JAKIM which has authority to endorse products as HALAL subject to meeting its stringent guidelines.

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