Magic corn

Why Magic Corn?

What makes us different is the quality of our products. Anyone can come up with a stall or a kiosk and start selling sweet corn .Many people have tried to copy the concept but when it comes to providing the premium quality sweet corn there is only one name and that is Magic Corn.


The Healthy Option


Over the last few years healthy food has been the key issue in developing the UK food market we are ostentatiously proud to promote and represent Magic Corn as the best out of a comprehensive range of healthy and delicious snack foods available as it is high in Fibre, Niacin, and Folate and, to a lesser degree, Vitamin A.

From Product and Market Research to Development and Delivery, Our performance is dictated by three key criteria’s


  • Product Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Staff  Competence


Anytime is a good time for Magic Corn. It is altogether wholesome, nutritious, crunchy sweet and juicy. It’s an easy and popular high quality snack food that has also been endorsed and due to its favourable popularity the presence of the kiosks have knowingly and undoubtedly increased walk in business for many outlets and Businesses.  Hence Magic Corn is the great investment opportunity in the current food market with low investment and high returns.


Our Commitment


 We will assist you in finding the right location and setting up the kiosk. We also provide full training beforehand so that you don’t face any operational difficulties once your kiosk is up and running.  We will guide you to attain all the relevant qualification needed to run the business in a safe and clean working environment.

Each of our Kiosks are manned by trained and qualified, friendly, uniformed employees who take pride in ensuring quality and standard is always met which is further ensured and retained through our stringent ongoing supervisory checks and training.


Who we are looking for


Sole Trader

An individual with a true entrepreneurial spirit and also has a strong belief in our brand.


Existing business owners:

Business owners who are looking to add our product to their existing food outlets.Click here

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